Not many businesses want to (or are able to) invest in new software to further digitise their business. 

That said, some spending is necessary to get the job done, particularly when a court or tribunal is requesting electronic bundles of documents.

Here’s the thing: electronic bundling is easy, it’s fast and it can also save you tons of time and money when compared to the traditional paper version.

Our bundling partner, Zylpha, have given us some key requirements that courts and tribunals need.

  • The documents in the bundle must be the subject of OCR (optical character recognition). That means the bundle can be searched by typing in a key word or phrase.
  • All documents should appear in portrait mode. If the original is in landscape then it should be inserted so that it can be read with a 90 degree rotation clockwise and no document should be inserted upside down.
  • The default view for all pages should be 100%.
  • All items should be bookmarked to be easily navigable in the index.
  • All pages should be numbered, including the index.

This list is not exhaustive but I’ve pointed out these top requirements for a simple reason.  To create a bundle without any software assistance is difficult and time consuming, especially if your bundle needs to be updated and edited at a later date.

Why am I writing about this now?

Our clients come to us because they need admin support in their business and some have always kept a certain amount of work to be done ‘in the office’. It may have been too difficult to send out and have produced remotely.  Or, it could be the case that they rely so much on admin support and don’t have time to learn new software.

Whatever the case, I want to deliver some good news.  You can prepare your bundle yourself for as little as £45 per bundle.  If you decide that you need some secretarial support with that, we can help too.

Simply dictate your requirements and send your documents to us and we can prepare your bundle for you.  The cost of the bundle will be £45 plus our time (charged at our standard rate) to collate the bundle.

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