Speechwrite 360 digital dictation system with outsourcing

Using a cloud digital dictation system has so many benefits, to name a few:

  • secure cloud hosted takes away the pain of managing security;
  • it’s always available and it doesn’t need to be installed on your network infrastructure because it’s in the cloud;
  • fully supported system means you have help with any issues you may come across;
  • it’s easy to set up and use;
  • dictation and workflow system across multiple devices and platforms to suit all of your team;
  • there’s built-in outsourcing transcription and speech recognition if you choose to use it.

Workflow can be designed to route dictations and tasks internally to your secretaries but did you know you can also route them to an outsourced team?

Think of Bluebird as attached to your system, and we access only that work you choose to send to us.  Choosing where to send your work (internal or outsource) happens with a click of a button on an app.

The smart way of working with Speechwrite is to create workflow transcription routes.  Here are some examples of how work can be routed once your dictation has been typed.

The simplest route is the author sends dictation, the secretary types it up, and the completed task shows as completed to the author.

But, if you have internal staff, you can route your outsourced typing back to them by using an ‘approval’ stage.  Your internal team can process any tasks and admin before completing the task for the author in the system.

Did you know that your completed documents can also be attached to the task in the dictation system?  This keeps all of your work secure; you can easily track and audit tasks, and all of your information is visible on your desktop browser version of Speechwrite.

How to use Speechwrite outsourcing

  1. Contact Speechwrite support to have your dictation system configured for outsourcing.
  2. Decide which authors will be using outsourcing and how they will receive their completed work back.
  3. Send copies of your templates to Bluebird so that we can type into your format – or consider granting access to your office systems so your outsource team can work as your internal secretaries.
  4. Once the Speechwrite dictation system is configured, ask your authors to send a test dictation to check everything works as it should.

It is that easy!

If you want to learn more about which dictation systems to use, read here.  Or, contact us if you have any questions.

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