Outsource e-Bundling

Outsource e-Bundling is compliant with HM Courts and Tribunal Service.

No software installation is required. You simply send your documents to us, secured and confidential and we do the rest.

Download the E-bundling Information Sheet

    Electronic bundling of documents can sometimes be done within an hour if when we have a clear index to follow.  In that time, we will have created a hyperlinked (bookmarked) index of documents, arranged your documents into sections, and paginated all of your e-bundle. You will receive, just as the Courts require, a single PDF document that is fully searchable and navigable.

    How we create an electronic bundle for you

    The majority of your documents will already be in an electronic format and it’s not necessary for you to convert all of your documents to PDF.  If, for example, you have Word documents, Outlook emails, or images, you can send those formats to us and we will make the PDF conversion for you.  All documents will be converted to meet the Courts & Tribunals requirements.

    There is no software for you to install (other than a PDF reader) as we use a bundling tool for you.  You don’t need to learn new technology and you don’t need to scan lots of paper, as long as we use your digital document in the first instance.

    As well as paginating and converting different formats into PDF, it also can add and remove documents from the bundle.  So if you need to make last minute changes to your bundle you can do so in the minimum time and the index and links will be updated for you in your PDF.

    You can watch a demo of the bundling application here.

    The costs of your bundle will be from £85 plus VAT.

    Get started with our

    easy steps...


    We need your documents.  If there is a large number of documents then we will discuss which is your preferred file transfer format.


    For a straightforward bundle, we can work out sections for pleadings, correspondence and evidence. You may wish to dictate your index to us so we can follow your list.


    We will return your bundle to you the same day, often within our standard 4 hour turnaround time. It will be in a single PDF file and compliant with Courts & Tribunals requirements.


    How do I send you my documents?

    You can attach your documents to an email and send them to us.

    If you have an unwieldy large amount of documents then we will discuss with you the best way for you to securely transfer them to us.

    Do I need to transfer all my document in a PDF format?

    The beauty of the bundling software is that it converts to PDF for you.  You will already have a large amount of documents in electronic format, whether it’s Word documents or emails.

    Send us your original format and the system will convert into a searchable format that Courts and Tribunals require. Our award winning outsource e-bundling is very easy.

    What does the end result look like?

    You will receive a single PDF document which has an index and electronic links to navigate to individual documents. 

    The size of the PDF is optimised so that you should no trouble attaching to an email for your submission.

    What Our Customers Think

    “My court bundle was not urgent, yet despite this, the Bluebird team produced this for me incredibly quickly  – and in spite of me needing to send in additional documents over a few days.  Some documents needed splitting and putting back together in the Index order, so it wasn’t straightforward. 

    The Bluebird team took it all in their stride and the bundle looks great and, more importantly, allowed the Judge to quickly turn to any document quickly in the hearing which was impressive and reflects well on myself as a practitioner. 

    The cost is extremely reasonable, and I will definitely be using them again and again – thank you Bluebird!”

    HA Underwood Solicitors

    “We had an urgent court bundle to prepare for the same afternoon. All we had to do was send our documents and Bluebird turned it around in an hour.

    The service is very efficient and more cost-effective than trying to manage it ourselves.

    We were very happy with Bluebird’s responsiveness and would recommend them.”

    Dumonts Solicitors

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