Dictation Transcription

Dictation transcription in all file formats delivered on a fast 1 hour turnaround and at a fixed price.

We provide a fast and efficient dictation transcription service for your meeting notes, correspondence, and documents.

Digital dictation can also be used to give instructions to your Bluebird PA to request tasks to be undertaken.

Your Bluebird PA can provide a regular typing resource for your business or an overflow service when you may need extra resources.  In addition, we can be part of your business continuity during busy periods or when resources are stretched because of absence. 

We pride ourselves on being a reliable typing service that frees up your busy PAs so they can undertake more urgent tasks.

We work with most dictation systems so the chances are we can already integrate with any system you’re already using.  If you don’t have any digital dictation software then we can arrange a free trial of the digital dictation apps from SpeechWrite 360.

SpeechWrite 360 offers a total workflow solution hosted in a secured cloud server which is accessed by a web browser, desktop or mobile application.  The costs allow for easy scalability for any business at a low per-user monthly cost.

Bluebird maintains a secure database of your templates, your formatting guides, and any specific know-how. 

We keep our PAs trained in your work so that you have a consistent look and feel for your documents.

You will never have to worry about recruitment, training, and retention of staff as our services remove that headache for you.

Charges for transcription are per dictated minute and also based on how many voices are in the recording.  You are never paying for a slow typist. Find out more by visiting our pricing page.

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We need your decision on which users will be enthusiastic to trial a new service.


We need your templates so that we can format in your style.


You send some tests to check everything works.


Then we are good to go.


How does outsourcing work?

We work with your dictation system (we’re compatible with almost all) and discuss with you how you currently route your work and how we can best mirror your working practices. 

We aim to cause you the least disruption as possible and make change easy for you and your teams. 

Do I need a dictation handset?

If you don’t already have any dictation system or equipment then we recommend a dictation app for smartphones. 

There are many available and we have our preferred choices but let’s talk about you before any decisions are made on the best way of working. 

What apps are there for smart phones?

There are two apps for smartphones.

NCH Express Dictate has a one-off licence cost and allows you to dictate as long as you like and send directly from your phone to our ScribeManager workflow. 

Alternatively, you can use our SpeechWrite 360 app which has a small monthly per-user cost, and sends directly to the SpeechWrite server.

How does the work get to you?

Each of the apps works largely in the same way. 

Once you hit “send” on your phone, your dictation goes to a server which sends a message directly to our secretarial team to let them know that your work is ready to be typed. 

Once the typing is done, the work is uploaded back to the server which then sends you a message letting you know it is ready for you to download. 

Can the work be returned to my secretary to review?

The work is usually returned to the author, but let us know if you would prefer work to be returned to another person in your office, such as your secretary or a designated workflow coordinator. 

What’s the turnaround time?

We want to be better than what you’re currently experiencing and for that reason we offer a 1-hour priority turnaround as well as our 4-hour standard. 

Most jobs can be completed in that 4-hour timeframe but we usually know straight away if more time may be needed, and we will advise. 

This would include large document reformats or recorded meeting notes with multiple speakers. 

Can you transcribe interview recordings?

We can transcribe most types of interview recordings, whether recorded by video, on a Police tape or online video conference.

Recordings with more than one voice take a lot longer to transcribe and some files may need to be converted. Our charges are £2.50 per recorded minute.

How is quality guaranteed?

Our team are trained to work as your secretary would work. 

We recruit only experienced legal secretaries and all work is proofed before return.  But we aren’t robots and mistakes can happen.  We ask for client feedback and have procedures in place to ensure that any errors are not repeated.

How big is your team?

And we would ask, “how big is your team?”

We recruit, train, develop learning and quality assurance processes for the team that you need in your business. 

You train us up once and keep a single point of contact updated.  That way you outsource your knowledge base too and you never have to worry about scaling up or down with a secretarial resource. 

Can you access our systems?

We work in a variety of client management systems like Leap, Proclaim and ALB. 

Sometimes it is only possible to provide us with one or two logins which also means that only one or two of our team can work in your system at the same time. 

All we need is a tour around your system, and we will provide training for our team. 

What Our Customers Think

Outsourcing our typing frees us up to be more productive.

Place North West

The outsourced typing facility is fast and reliable no matter what time of day maintaining our high-quality standards and helping to maximise cashflow

174 Family Law

Attention to detail is great and any communications are always very polite and friendly.

Loss Insurance & Legal Services

24. February, 2021.
Have recently started using Bluebird after years of reluctance to outsource transcription. Really delighted with the quality, accuracy and speed of their work. We fully intend to increase our use of Bluebird's services. Ian McKenna, O'Donnell McKenna, Solicitors
5. February, 2021.
Have worked with Bluebird for years. I have absolute confidence in their reliability, quality and speed. they are also excellent at making suggestions that improve the quality of our documents. I wouldn't work any other organisation.
Suze Smart
9. December, 2020.
The Social Desk has managed Bluebird’s social media marketing over the past year. Jayne and Leanne have always been very supportive and efficient in providing content and materials we required to carry out our work. Communication and efficiency is top notch with these ladies and we have formed a great business and personal relationship with them. We would highly recommend Bluebird to anyone looking for secretarial and administrative support!
customer robert partridge
7. December, 2020.
Just wanted to lt you know that Bluebird has been very supportie of my business needs in the recent Covid 19 period. They have responded immediately to all of my enquiries and have delivered exactly the services I have needed on time and at a reasonable cost. Well done Bluebird!!
William Whawell
5. November, 2020.
We needed a new suite of documents for the office and felt outsourcing was the best option. The team at Bluebird created our entire suite swiftly and provided simple how to guides on using the documents. When we changed our work slightly again, we went back to Bluebird to have some amendments prepared. Customer service spot on, value and superb finished products. Couldn't ask for more.
19. October, 2020.
Excellent and reliable service Would definitely recommend
Alex P.
19. October, 2020.
I have tasked Bluebird with a number of pieces of work over the years. They have always been reliable, friendly, efficient and delivered the work to a high standard - and on time, every time. Highly recommended!
19. October, 2020.
Bluebird are my go to for creating documents. Their expertise is of the highest standard and the service is always great. It saves me so much time and is such good value.
12. October, 2020.
Always helpful, prompt good quality typing and document production.
12. October, 2020.
Excellent service - always a quick turnaround no matter when in the week and excellent quality of work.

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