Conveyancing Assistant Admin Support

Fixed price Conveyancing Assistant admin support to maximise your profit, deliver an improved customer service experience to your clients, and give you back some precious time.

To help you clear a backlog of post-completion conveyancing work, or quickly get on with new client onboarding, our Conveyancing Assistant admin support team will quickly perform tasks that you need.  We work on a pay-as you-go basis and can do as little or as much work as you need.

You can learn more about our pricing structure here

Pay-per-task gives you a flexible resource.  Using our Conveyancing Assistant admin support you can scale up and down in your conveyancing department to meet market demands, without the headache of recruiting and managing new staff.

Qualified Conveyancing staff

Our Conveyancing team is headed up by Fiona Bond who is a Chartered Legal Executive.  She has spent 15 years working in and with residential conveyancing departments of law firms of all kinds and sizes.

Fiona has managed all aspects of residential conveyancing and commercial transaction administration as well as developing teams of conveyancing assistants, and is trusted by her clients to take responsibility for a transaction from instruction to post-completion.

As well as Fiona, you have consistent support from our team of professional and trained real estate secretaries will ensure your work is turned around quickly, within hours.

We have developed two standard packages so you can see at a glance the value of your conveyancing administrative support team who can produce your documents, field interrupting calls, and keep your clients happy, leaving you to get on with the ‘real’ legal work of inspecting title, etc.

Standard Sale Conveyancing Process

  • First draft property information form
  • Fixtures & fittings form
  • Leasehold information form
  • Official copies from Land Registry
  • Draft contract for client
  • Draft DS1 Land Registry form for discharge of mortgage
  • Obtain final mortgage figure for DS1
  • Client billing
  • Completion statement for client
  • Submit DS1 to Land Registry
  • Cost £90 + VAT

Standard Purchase Conveyancing Process

  • Submit Local Authority, environmental, chancel repair, water & drainage, planning, flood risk, mining, SIM searches
  • Draft TR1 for client
  • Draft SDLT form for client
  • Official copies from Land Registry
  • Client billing
  • Completion statement for client
  • AP1 to register transfer
  • Finalise and submit SDLT form
  • Notice of assignment to freeholder if applicable
  • Cost £130 + VAT

Learn more about our pricing structure to support your conveyancing department. 

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Complete our questionnaire.


Agree a process and ensure all confidentiality and security controls are in place.


Start a pilot on a few transactions to embed your new extended team.


Do I need to have a portal to raise conveyancing searches?

Most firms have accounts with various portal companies, eg Infotrack, Searchflow, TM Group. 

We will always follow your instructions to that search enquiries are raised at the right time (ie, when your clients have paid for them) and that access to your portal is strictly controlled.

Do I need to give you access to our case management system?

There is a lot of efficiency gained from our working within a case management system but it’s not essential. 

If you don’t have a case management system, we can complete documents and return them to you by email and you can file them in your usual way.

Do you post letters?

We will not sign or post any letters on your behalf. 

We will produce the documents and send them back to you so that you can check them and send them onto your clients.  We do the work – you are in control.

Can you phone clients to chase them?

Yes, we have the technology to make phone calls on your behalf but we will only follow your instructions and will call clients when you instruct us to do so. 

This type of work will  incur additional charges.

Can you take inbound calls from clients?

In most cases, yes we can deal with inbound calls and will be able to answer any client enquiries immediately if we have access to the transaction in your case management system. 

This service will incur additional charges.

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