Zoom Meetings Transcription

Zoom Meetings Transcription

Zoom meeting transcription

Our cost-effective pay-per-minute transcription of Zoom meetings also has a certificate of accuracy.  Your Zoom meeting can be recorded either to cloud or directly to your PC (cloud is recommended).  Once recorded you have two versions available to download: video and audio.  But don’t worry if you only have the video available.  To have your Zoom meeting transcribed we have a facility to convert video to an audio format. 

We need the audio format so that our transcribers can use their footpedals to control the playback of the audio, leaving their hands free for fast typing.  That’s right, humans listen and transcribe your recording.  We don’t rely on voice recognition software.  You will receive a verbatim transcript with a layout similar to a script. 

Other video conference platforms most likely have the same facility.  Certainly, Microsoft Teams has caught up to Zoom and now offers the same recording feature.

Skim-reading a transcript is a lot quicker than re-watching a Zoom meeting video

As you’re reading this text you will no doubt be skim-reading.  Reading a script is a lot faster than watching a video.  That said, transcribing a video takes time to do.  At Bluebird we can type an average of 85 words per minute which is usually twice as fast as the average ‘touch typist’ and we have specialist transcription kits to help us.

As many of our clients can testify, we’ve saved them hours of their time as they tried transcribing a client testimonial video themselves.  We’ve also saved a business 10 hours of typing time for transcribing a disciplinary meeting – something that needed to be kept confidential and away from internal prying ears.

A certificate to say it’s true and accurate

Do you need your transcript to be verified as true and accurate?  We proof-read all Zoom meeting recordings and are confident to give you a certification of accuracy to accompany your transcript.

Our prices are based on the length of the recording so you can very quickly calculate the cost of your Zoom meeting transcription.

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Do you need captions?

A time stamped transcription can help you with that.

For you to refer to, we’ve created a helpful guide for you to refer to for best practice in recording meetings for transcription. You can download it here